Yardney Water Filtration Systems

Since 1965 Yardney Water Filtration Systems has designed, engineered and manufactured filtration systems within our corporate facility based in Riverside, CA.  USA. The markets in which we focus are Irrigation, Golf & Turf and Industrial process waters for removal of suspended solids down to 5 Microns in size.  In addition, we can custom tailor a system to address alternative water quality issues by the use of specialty medias such as Iron, Manganese, Arsenic, Smell and Taste and Water softening.  Our products range from a coarse screen on the pump intake, Centrifugal Sand Separators, Manual and Automatic Screen Filters, Sand Media, Multi Media and Granular Activated Carbon.  In addition we have the ability of manufacture pressure vessels up to 14' in diameter for alternative uses outside of the water purification industry.

For more information regarding Yardney please visit our website at www.yardneyfilters.com or contact us at (951) 656-6716